Twitter Me This: An Introduction to Social Microblogging in Education*

It’s a blog, it’s an IM... no it’s Twitter - more efficient than email or RSS! Learn to connect with others, discover resources, and share what you’re doing using “social microblogging.”



CUE Tips Session 2009 - See slides here:
CUE Tips Session 2008 (CUE Tips Session)
SDCUE Keynote 2007 (SD CUE Keynote)


  • CUE 2009: Twitter replies to the question "why would educators want to try twitter?"
  • All Previous Sessions: What does "the strength of weak ties" mean to you?

twitter.002-002.jpgSocial Microblogging

  • Review of The Two-Way Web
  • Overview of Social Microblogging
  • Learning Networks
    • Make Connections
    • Make Contributions
    • Make Conversation
    • Make Requests
  • Hands-on With Twitter
    • Create an Account
    • Follow Others (Blogging begins with reading.)
    • Post a "Tweet"
    • Respond @ Someone Else (& View Your Responses)
    • Send a Direct Message (& View Your Direct Messages)
    • Favorite a Message (& View Your Favorites)
    • Embed a tinyurl
    • Welcome to the twitterverse!
  • Advanced Topics - Time Permitting
    • Search Twitter
    • Use # for Hashtags
    • Twitter Clients ("Desktop Software")
    • Twitter on Your Mobile Phone!
      • SMS Messaging
      • iPhone Apps - Consider: TwitterFon and Twitterific (But there's many others!)


  • Who do you want in your twitter network? (That you know personally? That you know of? Or... what kinds of people do you want to follow?)
  • Evaluation

*Note: I was definitely not the first to think of "Twitter Me This" as a title. I first submitted a conference session with this title in September 2007 (to NECC, CUE, and several CUE affiliates). But it seemed too familiar, so I searched my feeds and found a post by Chris Sessums dated June 28, 2007 and one by Will Richardson dated July 8, 2007. I haven't been able to think of a replacement title yet. Any ideas?

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